FRESH 15: 15 Best Music Moments in 2015

2015 has been a really great year in music with many of your favorite artist dropping fresh follow ups and many new artist surprising us with unexpected heat. Many of this years hits have shown that quality is slowly making its way back into the mainstream despite recent years featuring dance crazes, barely audible rap lyrics and everyone singing on the same beat. Artist like J. Cole, Kehlani and many others poured their hearts into their music delivering what is to be probably some of the best music to be released. We’ve compiled this years best musical moments spanning multiple genres and categories and narrowed it down to the top or in our case ‘Fresh’ 15.[listly  id=”vdI” layout=”slideshow” per_page=”1″ show_list_headline=”false” show_list_badges=”false” show_list_stats=”false” show_list_title=”false” show_author=”false” show_list_description=”false” show_list_tools=”false” show_item_voting=”false” show_item_numbers=”false” show_item_relist=”false”]


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