Editorial Team

THEFRESHCOMMITTEE is an online publication covering the forthcoming trends in music, fashion art, culture, and automotive all under one platform. We’ve built a strong brand identity in the music and fashion world. Becoming an independent global source for inspiration in music fashion and culture. Our editorial team has sought to make positive contributions to some of culture’s most important creative mediums.

Maxwell Saturday

Staff Writer

Coder // Hacker // Full Time Trapper

King Terry III

Staff Writer

A&R // Entertainment Marketing // Hustler

Kam Jenkins

Staff Writer

Writer // Critic // Kanye Translator


Staff Writer

Pro writer/ Earthchild/ Travelphile/ Wino

Kovu K

Staff Writer

Production Manager // Father // Gate-Keeper Often lost in the details listening to the #jetfiles

Rebecca Courtot

Staff Writer

I'm a journalism student and chronic dreamer. Writing keeps me sane(ish).

Manifest Wallace


connecting waves from coast to coast // empowering the next wave of artist.