King Terry III

Long Beach, CA – Artist // Songwriter

King Terry III is a rare exception in the ever changing world of Hip-Hop. Terry possesses the musical creativity and charisma to become one of the greats. With influences panning from Slick Rick to Devin the Dude, Terry can put together catchy tracks. The result of his work is a unique brand of Hip-Hop that can be described as a cross between Indie Hip Hop and Mainstream Hip Hop.


Maxwell Saturday

Brooklyn, NY – Artist // Producer // Songwriter 

These days, it’s not enough to say that you’re an musician. It’s not enough to say that you produce or write your own work, you have to transcend what people expect and give them something even they didn’t know they needed. Learning to create on that level is what people will remember long after you’re gone. This is exactly what Maxwell Saturday brings to the table. 



Atlanta, GA – Producer // Artist // Songwriter 

Hailing from Atlanta Georgia, Vokael produces and writes all his own records. His style represents who he is as an artist and his love for rhythm and blues. You’ll often find influences stemming from West Indian culture in his sound as well. Vokael is currently working on his mixtape Back 2 Basics as well as his debut album Phresh Out  both scheduled to release later this year.



Los Angeles, CA – Producer // Engineer

MAJR is a Los Angeles producer and engineer originally from Orlando Florida. Developing a sound all his own, Mike brings heavy hitting drums with a cold  sonic sound. With a  range of influences from the legendary Quincy Jones to 808 Mafia and Lex Luger. MAJR strives to always bring heat to any record with his name on it. His latest production tape comes out this year so stay tuned.



Dayton, OH – Producer // DJ // Engineer

DNGR Drew is a DJ, producer and sound engineer from Dayton, OH. Responsible for hits such as High Slide Part 1 and The Gates by Maxwell Saturday. Drew creates sounds and cuts samples to produce sounds that you wont hear anywhere else. He’s currently working on Maxwell’s full LP Midas and a EP Hand Of Midas which is scheduled for release later this summer.