Cam Darwin is New York’s Diamond in the Rough

Cam Darwin
Cam Darwin

Sometimes you see things that just inspire you. It could be something that sparks an idea, an advertisement, billboard in the city or it could just be a humble subway artist on your way back home. In New York City, you see people from all backgrounds, all ethnicities but there are souls who just stand out. They carry an aura and smile that goes beyond talent.

I was having an amazing day and Cam Darwin made it a tad bit better. I’m not even sure why I felt the way I did when watching him perform. It could just be that little something extra that turns a favorite artist into a beloved artist. It could be the determination in his eyes or the passion he played with. Regardless it moved me and everyone in the subway that night. My only regret was I wasn’t able to give more.

Cam Darwin had stopped writing songs for almost a decade when he found himself without a job and $4 in the bank. He then cheap guitar strap and took to the subway platforms with the two songs he could remember. Over the next few months he made a living at it and wrote his upcoming album, “Standing Room Only.”

I’ll def be keeping an eye our for Cam. I’ve always said that New York houses some of the most talented people on the planet and today Cam Darwin proved me right. I hope I can catch a show soon to show support. I think anyone who enjoys soulful music can find something to enjoy about Cam Darwin’s music. Here’s to starting from zero with nowhere to go but up.

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