03 Greedo of the Jordan Downs Projects and Grape Street OG was made famous by calling everyone’s favorite deceased rapper disparaging terms, but has since been one of the most polarizing artists in the game. Just before he went in the federal penitentiary, he released his God Level project that featured Lil Uzi, Rich the Kidd, Yung Bans and more and was an overall amazing project. Greedo already plead guilty to multiple charges, but the judge granted him bail with the understanding that he turn himself in to begin a 20-year sentence with a chance at parole in 5 years with good behavior.

In the the interview, Greedo takes Noisey to his stomping grounds, the Jordan Downs Projects, to give his fans and supporters a closer look into what made him into the man he is today. Forever candid in his music, Greedo has taken every aspect of his life and incorporated it in his music somehow, from running the streets as a Grape Street Crip to hitting the road to live in places like Kansas; he usually leaves no stone uncovered. All in all, this interview is short, but super insightful and as someone who has been listening to 03 for the past two years, I want to do my part to make sure his story is told. His music transcends the average artists in ways one couldn’t fathom. From Melodies, pure rapping ability and street tales, Greedo has made every type of song you could possibly think of. In tracks like “Blower” he describes how his first gun he bought was from a junkie for around twenty-five dollars. A lot of times his songs sound really quirky upon first listens, but delving deeper Greedo is able to capitulate several emotions through his raw takes in his music that should grab anyone within an ear-shot of his tracks.

Last but definitely not least, FREE 03 Greedo! A true martyr and legend in the same breath.