Jahsiah is Next Up, Check Him Out Now

Jahsiah is making great music. In fact his music is eerily similar to the sound that made XXXtentacion an instant star before he became sort of mainstream. I was a huge fan of X’s earlier music with songs like “RIP Roach” and “ILoveItWhenTheyRun”. Jahsiah seems to be bringing that sound back to the forefront, but adding his own signature twists to it.

In another one of his songs, “Shenanigans (f/ Yung Bans)”, the beat uses a Spongebob sample. In this track, there is a Courage the Cowardly Dog sample being used. Not sure if there is a trend beginning there, but it’ll be interesting to hear which cartoon he decides to sample next. Anywho, pay close attention to his moves it’s only a matter of time before he’s a household name.