Tyla Yahweh is Another Great Upcoming Talent You Should Check Out

Stream Tyla Yahweh’s Latest Album Heart Full of Rage Here

LA-based and Orlando, Fla native Tyla Yahweh has been making pop ready hits under the auspices of a rapper for a good couple years now. With his latest release Heart Full of Rage, Yahweh fills the whole project from top to bottom with hits. Tracks like “Who Shot Johnny” detail a events from his past life of running the streets and in other tracks he’s usually making heart throb, drug addled tunes that are a meme away from turning Yahweh into a household name. He’s currently touring with Post Malone and I would imagine those two working on music together so look out for that. Til then get acquainted with Tyla Yahweh’s  Heart Full of Rage.