Stream Tierra Whack’s Latest Single “Wasteland” Here

Tierra Whack has been releasing a single per week for the last four weeks as she continues to put hits on the board in her “Whack History Month” rollout. All the tracks used production from Nick Verruto. In this track, which has soulful productions where the organ is the standout instrument. Tierra in this song is describing how she feels about LA and its purely professional. A quote taken from the Pigeon’s and Planes IG describes just how she feels about the City of Angels below:

“That song is about me hating LA so much. And you know, because you come to LA for the first time, you’re like, oh it’s nice, but then you realize how industry it is and it just, I mean, no place feels like home, of course, which is Philly for me. But every time I’m in LA, I’m doing work. I’m working.” – Tierra Whack

Whack is seriously in a league of her own and has no tell tale signs of slowing up any time soon. Best you can do is get hip to one of the dopest MCs in the game before everyone else does. Stream the track below: