Watch Little Sims Spit “Venom” in the Booth

Little Simz’ presentation is perfect. The booth is a swampy green and the Loch Ness parading those murky waters is the N. Londoner MC, Little Simz. The track “Venom” is jam packed with witty punchlines and wordplay as Little Simz goes completely bonkers for the full duration on the song. One of my closest friends put me on to Little Simz’ music about two years ago and I’ve been a fan ever since. Simz’ Stillness in Wonderland became one of my favorite projects in 2017 with not only her daunting wordplay and metaphors, but the way she can keep you entertained by making quality songs as well. Now she’s back with new music and “Venom” is a single from her latest album titled GREY Area. While this song is a standout, the whole album is fire and will post it below. If you’re looking to add dope female MCs, definitely put Little Simz in your rotation, you won’t be disappointed at all.

Stream GREY Area Here: