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XXL Lists Top 50 Producers of 2018

Get Used to The Geniuses Behind Your Favorite Songs

2018 is no longer with us, but was one of the best years for music in a long time. Acts like Cardi B and Migos saw their stars shine as bright as a nebula but their production teams also made their mark.

XXL took it upon themselves to champion 50 of the top producers in the hip-hop/rap genre in no specific order other than being alphabetized. A lot of the producers listed have been mainstays in the game for a while now, but there is a fair share of new producers many people haven’t been introduced to yet.

Of the top 50 listed, the two producers whom stick out most to me are Kenny Beats and Pi’erre Bourne. Kenny Beats has an incredible story as he began producing hip-hop beats but got nowhere with it so he turned to EDM to make some money. After establishing himself on the EDM scene, he reverted back to his passion and began making hip-hop instrumentals once again.

Kenny Beats produced Key!’s 777 project (one of the best projects of 2018), Rico Nasty’s Nasty and Freddie Gibbs’ Freddie. He has worked with others in the rap game as well and brings a unique dynamic to the rap world.

Pi’erre Bourne’s claim to fame starts with Playboi Carti’s self-titled mixtape in 2017. When Carti dropped his tape and the track “Magnolia” took off, it was Pi’erre’s tag that was most meme’d afterward. Fast forward to 2018, Pi’erre and Carti linked up again to release Carti’s Die Lit album, which is the most important album of 2018 in my eyes.

Pi’erre also doubles as an artist and has just released an album with Cardo Got Wings, another buzzing producer, which is entitled Pi’erre & Cardo’s Wild Adventure. The project can be found on soundcloud so check that out when you get a chance.