Earl is Going on Tour Plus a Movie

Earl is taking his Some Rap Songs show on the road as he recently announced an American tour. Along with the announcement, he released a short film titled “Nowhere, Nobody” that feature songs from the latest album. Check out Pitchfork to peep the tour dates and go show Earl some love when he comes into town.

As far as the film goes, it pairs perfectly with the mood of Earl’s latest album. Broodish with triumphic peaks, the film shows a particular effervescence that is so critical to Earl’s well-being. The legendary Earl Sweatshirt wants to relinquish the moniker that made him famous and just wants to be considered a normal person. In his interview with pitchfork a few weeks ago, he mentioned a coming to terms with his infamy, however misguided and sadistic he was in the wake of it, but now he has matured well past it.

What sticks out the most to me is the scenes where the statues of Earl’s Father (I Assume), Keorapetse Kgositsile, and him are covered in thorny vines. Early uses the rigorous stone hands to remove the vines from his father’s statue while a femme doppleganger of Earl undoes the statue of Sweatshirt in another shot. To me, I feel as if the vines represent the toughened veil that both father and son have built to preserve the beauty inside. Another theory of mine is that Earl finally gets to see his father for who he really was instead of through a microscope fueled by anger and isolation Earl felt since he and his father had an estranged relationship.

Likewise with Earl wanting to move past the horrors of his past, but first he has to get past all the dust and muck that he himself covered his exterior being with. Once he is able to remove all those unnecessary affronts is when we’re being presented with Thebe Kgositsile.