Here’s the Lowdown on our NBA 2K19 Roster for Xbox One

Following my Madden 17 roster, I figured this day would come. NBA 2K plays a significant role in my life. However, for a few years recently I haven’t enjoyed it as much as usual. 2K16 was solid, but the last two didn’t make me want to keep playing them. There is a PS4 roster of mine out there on 16. It’s okay. Definitely not my best work, though. For a while there, I thought my 2K days were over. Until I took a chance on 19. Advertising works wonders, so I’ve learned. The game’s trailers got me. When I heard it was on sale, it was hard to say No. I am content with my decision nonetheless. 2K19 looks amazing. They really outdid themselves this time. Of course, there are some annoying chinks in the gameplay’s armor.

Yet altering the Game Sliders fixes some of them. My main gripe would simply be how difficult scoring is at times. 2K19 feels suited for veteran players. How quickly and often the computer punishes potentially poor basketball decisions becomes quite frustrating. It is not a loose, free-flowing gaming experience to me. If two greatly skilled players went head-to-head, I would love to watch. When plays come together just right, the game is a thing of beauty. Nevertheless, for the average consumer 19 might become boring due to dozens of bricks. Today’s NBA is fast and fluid. Shots go in from all areas of the court. And final scores total somewhere between 250 and 300. It’s the wild west out there. So, for me, I want my 2K experience to reflect reality. The game looks incredibly realistic. Animations are smooth. They detailed player skin and hair well also.

However, it didn’t feel much like a video game to me. That’s why I chose to make this new roster. I wanted to create a comprehensive, arcade-esque play style to even the competition a little more. Additionally, 2019 marks the end of this great decade. To celebrate these past ten years, I put together the best players for each franchise from the 2009-10 season until this current one. Despite countless hours of searching and tweaking, a few players simply are not in the game. Names like Chris Bosh, Monta Ellis, David Lee, and Leandro Barbosa are missing in action. So, unfortunately, the Heatles are not the same. But when you’ve got LeBron and D-Wade already, I think you’ll be just fine. Anyway, there a handful of nuggets you need to know before playing with this roster. Firstly, there are duplicate players — which means doing a fantasy draft isn’t ideal.

Furthermore, Association or GM Mode won’t be very fun to play with either. Some players’ ages are high, so a key player could up and leave after one or two seasons. Conversely, I highly recommend using the Season or Playoff Modes. The snapshot styles of these game modes highlight this roster’s strengths. Overall, I wanted it to have three layers. Nearly every player has a different jumpshot or pair of sneakers than default. I used my knowledge of the game plus game footage to mimic dribble moves, in-game tendencies, and things of that nature for each rotation player. Most teams play nine guys, though if you also follow our Settings and Sliders suggestions you will only see five. By turning Substitutions to Manual and Fatigue to Off, exhibitions become a battle of high-octane talent. I limited duplicates in the starting lineups as much as possible. But a few remain.

Kevin Durant (OKC/GSW), Kawhi Leonard (SA/TOR), Chris Paul (LAC/NOP), Paul George (IND/OKC), Carmelo Anthony (DEN/NYK), Tyson Chandler (DAL/CHA), Rudy Gay (MEM/SAC), Amar’e Stoudemire (PHO/NYK), and DeMarcus Cousins (NOP/SAC) appear twice. LeBron James (CLE/MIA/LAL) is the only player to start on three separate teams. Jamal Crawford is the only duplicate to have the same rating for both copies. User versus User is the first layer. User versus CPU is the second. Stacking all 30 teams with 80-plus rated stars means the computer will go to town on you if you’re not careful. I adjusted player movement and aesthetics in hopes of the game feeling free whether you’re playing against a friend or a bot. Hall of Fame-level computers might be more difficult on this roster. I’ll let you be the judge of that. Moreover, the third layer is why this took me about three months to make.

To say that I’m a 2K nerd would be an understatement. But I really do wonder if I’m the only person who does this. I went in and tweaked players’ tendencies in an attempt to make this roster also entertaining to watch. CPU versus CPU games are usually unbearable. Whenever I’m idling too long and the game switches to Demo Mode, I race to reactivate the controller. The computer games have no flow or rhythm to them whatsoever. So, I attempted to change that. I’ve been watching 2K games for quite some time now. Back in 2013, I made my very first roster on Xbox 360, which I still regularly use to this day (what up, Sherm!). On nights I couldn’t sleep, I would study 6 or 8-minute quarter games and adjust each player and coaching gameplan for every team until the computers started giving me banger games to watch.

This created my hardcore connection to making rosters. I get pretty obsessive with even the tiniest details. When I throw a game on, there should be a healthy balance of signature scoring moves, momentum swings, and respectable defensive effort. I’ve done my best to give you that here, if you so choose. I’m not sure if anyone else out there watches fake people play a fake game of basketball. But hey, if I do it, maybe somebody else does too on occasion. I believe players deserve to have their best side displayed when they’re in a video game. Due to this, I was generous in terms of Badges and overall ratings. These are the best players in the world. And they should play like it in NBA 2K. JR Smith can hit shots from anywhere like Steph. He’s just not nearly as consistent or dynamic.

While Smith is nowhere near the same rating as Steph, you can still bomb with him. He simply may not make it as often. But if you’re good with JR, or any particular player for that matter, your skill as a user allows you to dominate. To me, this promotes repeated playthroughs and closer games despite having to adjust to the new shot releases. I could see how some veteran players might not like this aspect. If you find that the scoring is too easy, simply change the sliders back to default and see if that helps. To be honest, I watch more games than I play. But I have played a handful of times and it’s been fun. I hope it’s fun for you too. Below I will post the ratings of the top players featured in the roster and how to download everything. Thanks for stopping by!

Top 2K ULTRA Players (in descending order):

99 – LeBron James (MIA)

98 – Kevin Durant (OKC); LeBron James (CLE); Kobe Bryant

97 – Steph Curry; LeBron James (LAL); Kevin Durant (GSW)

96 – James Harden (HOU); Russell Westbrook; Dwyane Wade (MIA)

95 – Anthony Davis; Derrick Rose (CHI); Kawhi Leonard (SA); Dwight Howard (ORL)

94 – Dirk Nowitzki; Steve Nash; Chris Paul (LAC); Kawhi Leonard (TOR); Giannis Antetokounmpo

93 – Kyrie Irving; Chris Paul (NOP); Carmelo Anthony (NYK); Kevin Garnett (BOS); Paul Pierce (BOS)

92 – Tim Duncan; DeMarcus Cousins (SAC); Amar’e Stoudemire (NYK); Carmelo Anthony (DEN); Joel Embiid

91 – Tony Parker; Damian Lillard; LaMarcus Aldridge (POR); Paul George (IND); Amar’e Stoudemire (PHO); DeMarcus Cousins (NOP); Blake Griffin (DET); Kevin Love (MIN)

90 – Pau Gasol (LAL); John Wall; Jimmy Butler (CHI); Karl-Anthony Towns; Marc Gasol; Blake Griffin (LAC); Klay Thompson; DeMarcus Cousins (GSW); Isaiah Thomas; Nikola Jokic

How to Download:
  1. Go to the Options/Features section from the 2K19 main menu
  2. Select Create Roster
  3. Select User-Created Roster
  4. Tap Y to Search
  5. Type in 2K ULTRA for Content Name or painlessblzn for Gamertag
  6. Press A to download
  7. Go back to the Options/Features screen
  8. Select CPU/User Sliders
  9. Tap Y to Search
  10. Type in ULTRAslide for Content Name
  11. Press A to download
  12. Enjoy!

One last thing, if you’re a Rockets, Wizards or Blazers fan, I added a player who didn’t play much or at all in this decade. However, they are legends and I thought they’d be sick to play with. Enough rambling from me, though. Our team at TFC wishes you a safe and happy new year!