It is Becoming Impossible to Ignore Nikola Jokic’s MVP Bid

Nikola Jokic’s Season is MVP Worthy

I’m well aware of the season James Harden is having and I’m aware of the recent 5 game streak of 40-point games he strung along. It’d be asinine to think The Beard isn’t the front-runner up until this point. The only other person who is worth being in the MVP conversation right now is Denver Nuggets’ Point-Center Nikola “The Joker” Jokic.

He is averaging a damn near triple-double all the while leading his team to the best record at 26-12 in a staunchly competitive Western Conference and is a match-up nightmare for other bigs on a nightly basis.

Through 38 games, the nimble Center averages 19 points, 10 boards and 7 assists per outing and unlocks the unlimited potential the young Nuggets core display night in and out. His masterful skill is nuanced well beyond his position because there is no other Center that comes close in matters of play-making and basketball IQ. You may be able to argue Joel Embiid as the only other Center that may be deemed as the best in the league, but Embiid doesn’t routinely flirt with triple doubles. There is a highlight tape of The Joker dropping dimes all over the court, passes that most guards don’t even make!

He isn’t a supremely athletic big but what he lacks in athleticism he makes up for it with sheer ability and insane awareness/basketball IQ. If you are unaware of the marvel that is Nikola Jokic, take the time to watch his game from the other night where he exploded for 39 points and 12 boards below. Leave your thoughts in the comments and tell us who you think will win MVP this season.