Saba Wants His Humanity Seen in His “Sirens (f/ theMIND)” Video

Saba Releases Visuals for his “Sirens” Track

Saba is seen in his home doing what most everyone in America loves to do: spend quality time with family. It’s what makes us human.

His lyrics paint another picture. In them, he uses ad hominems commonly asserted by police to justify the killings of unarmed Black citizens in America.

The video begins as theMIND sings while a little girl is drawing on the drive-way with chalk. Innocent enough, right? Turns out, she is drawing an outline of a presumed dead body.

Then Saba does the rest as he bodies the track.

Watch the video below and check out Saba’s latest album Care For Me if you haven yet. Don’t miss out on yet another dope artist from Chicago.