Gucci Mane Releases His Latest Album “Evil Genius”

Gucci Mane Returns With His Latest LP Dubbed “Evil Genius.”

It’s been a while since Gucci Mane put out a project. He’s been dropping verses on other artist’s albums while slowly putting together his Evil Genius album. Today we finally get a new Gucci Mane project. The amount of time and patience Gucci’s had for this album is crazy. As the name states, Gucci locked himself away in the studio until his evil plan fully hatched. Last month Gucci released the tracklist for Evil Genius which features a star-studded cast, such as Migos21 SavageKodak BlackKevin Gates, and more.

“Who doper than me like for real? I wanna hear ya’ll tell me, and why,” he declared. “I got a million reasons why I am, why would someone else be better? What they did? Who they help? What they been through? What’s they track record? Do they do what they say? How many hurdles have they jumped? How much opposition do they have? Did they have a cakewalk? Did they do it by themselves? Was they blackballed? Did they have one of they own behind their back when they was doing it? Did they ever break? Did anybody ever take something from them? Did they ever snitch? I’m unblemished.”

Gucci recently entered his name into the best rapper alive argument. He asked questions that would make fans reconsider their choice. This album will likely have fans talking and for good reason. Gucci is one of the hardest working rappers in the game now. The question is will Evil Genius cement that belief in the mind of his fans. Only time will tell. You can stream the album below and let us know your thoughts in the comments. Lastly, for more music related news, After 14 Years The Diplomats Drop Their First Album, ‘Diplomatic Ties.’