Watch Out for Saint Jhn in 2019!

Saint Jhn is the Next Breakout Artist to Watch For

I was first introduced to this cat late 2017, randomly! Listening to unheard of before artists can be a bit tough, but trust me there are gems if you do a little digging.

Saint Jhn is giving New York something different but that different is good, very good. The more I follow his career and artistry, the more I believe he is one of the more well-rounded artists who have yet to blow. With aesthetics that remind me of some drip out of the Outsiders film, Saint Jhn has a penchant for flare.

The first song I heard from him was “I heard you Got Too Litt Last Night” and I was beyond blown away by everything. From the production of the track to the cadence and confidence of the aforementioned Saint. It just works, okay?

He released a project earlier this calender year titled “Collection One” and it’s a complete effort from my guy. His visuals are even better than his music and his music is pretty damn good (if you asked me of course). Saint announced a new album titled “Ghetto Lenny’s Love Songs For Christians” and has released a single, “McDonald’s Rich”, already. He has music that supports all mood swings one can potentially have, give his album “Collection One” a play below and let us know what you think.