Earl Sweatshirt Releases His Long-Awaited LP “Some Rap Songs”

Most people have delusions of grandeur. Not Earl. He realizes the fickleness of the music industry and how its consumers are never satisfied. Earl is not one anyone’s time but his own. Never the one to bend to the entitlements of fans clamoring for a new release, Earl felt it was right to drop something for us.

Didn’t know what to really expect as everything he releases is nothing like the other but upon first take I love it.Earl has always been if not the best lyricist in the game, then top 2 in my opinion. These days he’s rapping like a monk who has lived for thousands of years.Sometimes you need to listen to some real sh*t to stay grounded and reflective. Enter Earl with the better than vivid wordplay and mature themes.

Earl is rapping over a bunch of slower beats that have soulful samples with a vintage tinge to his vocals. All in all, it works. Will be listening to this one for a long while. Thanks Thebe.

memorable lyrics:

I said peace to my dirty water drinks/ Hope I can try and get it cleaned/ Why ain’t nobody tell me I was sinking?/ Ain’t nobody tell me i could lead.

Below is the album and in the comment section tell us your thoughts.