Beloved Creator Stan Lee Passes Away Today

Celebrating the Life of Stan Lee


Today, we have to wave goodbye to one of the most important people to exist in the 20th and 21st century. That person is Stan Lee, born Stan Martin Lieber. A brilliant creative within Marvel Comics, Lee has endeared himself to many. His superheroes were never perfect and in some ways appeared to be human like all of us.

There is a clear distinction between Marvel and its rival DC as Marvel’s character are more relatable and often have turmoil that cannot be stymied with super powers. This began in the ’60s when Lee was tasked with coming up with a super hero team. DC had just created the Justice League and saw huge successes from it. Thus Lee and artist Jack White created the Fantastic 4, the perfect imperfect bunch who had to learn how to navigate the world with new powers while tending to the various threats to humanity.

Lee helped bring us characters such as: Hulk, Thor, Iron Man, X-Men and the most successful Spider-Man. Ofttimes, Lee’s work would implement some real life dilemmas. Specifically, the story of X-Men can be closely compared to the civil rights movement. Trying to endless prove their humanity to a race of people who remain ignorant to the X-Men’s claim spawned a two headed coin. Professor X was leading peaceful attempts to come to terms with humans, while Magneto decided the humans weren’t worth the hassle. Magneto would just rather obliterate them all. Sound a little familiar?

Stan Lee is also responsible for giving us our first black superhero, Captain Falcon in 1969 and gave us the first mainstream black superhero that is Black Panther. Given the proper social context, 1969 wasn’t exactly paradise to most black people in America. Stan Lee spoke for those who had no voice because he always showed everyone the basic decencies deserved regardless of skin color.

Today we get to say goodbye to the person who made us feel many different emotions. To have lived for so long(95 years old), we wish he could live as long as his super heroes will in this life.

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