Zaida Shows No Love To Past Lovers In Her New Single “No Ex.”

Los Angeles-based artist Zaida (zay-duh) knows that life is better lived that imagined. That’s why, at 19, she is forging her way into the music industry without a plan B. She’ recently release her new single “No Ex.” and here’s what she had to say about the new record.

“No Ex to me is self empowerment, especially for young women. Usually the protocol is to be sad and sulky over your ex, wondering why they broke your heart or left you. But I decided to switch it up and bring some boss b***** vibes to the table.”

Fresh out of high school, she hit the ground running with a self-released EP Pen.Paper.Poetry, and a self-produced video for the lead single “WYA.” Leading with her lethal instincts for melody and rhythm, she proves that she is ready to make art that is meaningful to fans as well as to herself. Music is her tool for self-expression, where she may unload frustrations and disappointment with unsatisfying lovers, lazy collaborators, or the exhausting politics of a day job.

Zaida plans to push herself beyond expectations of both genre and subject. Her inquisitive mind always has new ideas to explore and her industrious nature keeps her looking for opportunities to make them a reality. With a unique blend of modern rap and 90’s R&B, Zaida caught the ear of producer Grey Goon, whose sprawling collaborators include Trippie Redd, DJ Khaled, Oddnesse, and Lauren Ruth Ward. She will kick off a series of Grey Goon-produced singles with the anthemic “No Ex.” Zaida is not going to wait to be noticed.  She commands your attention.

You can listen to the full single below and let us know how you feel about the record in the comments section. Lastly, for more indie music releases, Gina Brooklyn Releases Her New Visual for “Warning”.