Saba Abraha Releases Her Sonically Genius Single “Do’s & Dont’s”

Saba Abraha Croons On Her Stellar New Single “Do’s & Dont’s.”

Ethiopian songstress Saba Abraha has laid the groundwork for her new single “Do’s & Dont’s” with the buzz-worthy attention she has received for her recent track, “Pathway.” Saba continues to get us excited for the release of her forthcoming EP with her sultry, cool, and r&b-tinged sound.

New single ” Do’s & Dont’s ” comes in at just under 3 minutes with heavy synth work, intensely layered vocals, and a subtle but impressive punch. “I’m lost in the maze of the do’s & dont’s,” Saba proclaims as she navigates the rules of life. A changing beat reminds us of the constant fluctuations we endure in the day to day while Saba’s lyrics remind us it is okay to get lost along the way.

Saba Abraha’s recently released “Pathway” received attention from numerous tastemakers like Cruel Rhythm , Blue Bardot , and more. She has previously been written about by NPR , Billboard , and was a staff pick for Tidal. BlahBlahBlahScience calls “Pathway,” “a cool unexpected swerve on the sound of modern alt R&B… We’re digging the approach and the song’s refreshing sound.”

Audiotox says, “With the slickest of production and utterly mesmerising vocals, we’re calling Saba Abraha out as one to watch.” What do you think of Saba Abraha’s ” Do’s & Dont’s ?” Let us know in the comments section. Lastly, for more indie spotlights, Mick Jenkins Releases His New Single “Bruce Banner”.