EMAN8 Takes Us To Church On His Latest Single “AMEN”

EMAN8 Releases His Latest Hit Record “AMEN”.

Pronounced em-a-nate, EMAN8 is a progressive soul producer/singer-songwriter from St. Louis. Previously known as Brandyn Burnette. Burnette is a 3rd generation musician who crafted his own sound and style that’s paid off for him in a really big way. His latest release “AMEN” is one of the best records we’ve heard this year. The production is top-notch, his voice moves effortlessly through the record paired with powerful choir backing vocals as he speaks on love and becoming a better man, this record has a great vibe overall. 

“My music is about healing… that’s what it is for me and that’s what I think it is for other people. I want my fans to feel like they are entering another world when they listen to my music.”

You can listen to the full record below and let us know your thoughts in the comments section. Furthermore, be sure to follow EMAN8 on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Lastly, for more indie music spotlights Griz Gusto & MassmoneyFaith Release Their Black Roses EP.