Dave James Returns With a New Video For His Single “Alone.”

DMV native Dave James began writing lyrics when he was 12-years-old. The son of a pastor, he grew up in the church and starting playing guitar there at 19. He also began rapping around the same time, and soon after founded an alternative soul band called Ndelible. The band completed two projects together including their album Time and Chance. This experience served as James’ foundation as a music composer, and he went on to produce Dreamville artist Ari Lennox’s first project Ariography. In addtion, Dave’s worked with some underground hip-hop artists as well as artist’s on Reach Records. He also produced Leah Smith’s newest album.

James’ own seven-track EP titled Where The Sidewalk Ends was released in October, and everyone who hears it calls it “an experience.” The project combines elements of hip-hop, soul, pop, and alternative rock. Some songs are heavily influenced by the 808, while other tracks are driven by the guitar (courtesy of James). Most of Where The Sidewalk Ends was made in James’ home studio, where he produced the entire album himself.

The music James makes contains themes that aren’t prevalent in contemporary records. Heavy on the vulnerability and light on the bravado, his lyrics tackle happiness and sadness, encourage dreaming, inspire, and uplift. Music aficionados may be able to sense his influences – The Beatles, Tommy Sims (his all-time favorite!), Lauryn Hill, and Frank Ocean. He also enjoys M83 (a French electronic music project), DJ and record producer Kaytranada, and rap music in general.

Fans of Where The Sidewalk Ends tend to gravitate towards the songs “Alone”, “Almost There”, and “Familiar Life.” James, however, is fickle – sometimes he loves every song on the EP, and other times he hates them all. While he can see himself making a few more solo projects, James ultimately believes he can collaborate with more artists as a producer than as an artist. He’s been working with country folk artist Babeo Baggins (aka B.B) and hip-hop artist Andy Mineo. He’s also working on a new record with long-time collaborator Ari Lennox. All signs point to Dave James striking gold as a production phenom.

You can watch the full video above. Let us know what you think in the comments section. Lastly, for more new music, Dom Kennedy Releases New ‘Volume Two’ Project.