czndfx Releases His New Album, The Raspberry Lemonade Project.

Washington, DC emcee czndfx has a very unique sound thats hard to ignore. His flow is all his own but echos Earl Sweatshirt meets Tyler The Creator. The production style is abstract and features elements you wouldn’t typically hear. For instance, in the beginning of “burgundy levi kicks” the main element to the beat sounds like a UFO, or at least what I’d imagine a UFO to sound like considering I’ve never seen one or heard one before. Furthermore his delivery is confident, truthful yet aggressive. It’s almost as if it has something to prove to no one but himself.

Listen to czndfx’s new album The Raspberry Lemonade Project below and let us know how you feel about it in the comments section. Lastly, for more indie music news if you missed it, TyC Releases His New Video For “GET DOWN” Featuring Curly Chuck.