Can Brazilian Native Camila Paiva Become the Next Big Star?

Camila Paiva was born in Brazil and as a toddler moved to Boston, Ma, where she grew up and spent most of her life, as well as where she got her start in the music scene. “I was quiet about it for a long time, I was always nervous about how people might react,” she says. “I’d never taken classes, but in private I learned to play the keyboard by watching videos.”

She was then introduced to producer Mike Cip, and artist/producer Justin Mercurio who became close friends and mentors, and it was there at Split2nd Entertainment Studio that she began her journey into becoming a seasoned musician. Mike allowed Camila her access to his studio, and Justin coached her on production constantly which ultimately gave her the experience needed to master the art of producing and engineering.

With Camila’s excellent releases, her breathy vocals and sprite-like magnetism, she is well on her way to gaining a following. These creative quirks have earned Camila a spot at #11 on the Billboard Dance charts for her song “Mayday” with Dj Greg Gatsby & Richard Frioli, and is now releasing a new solo single every few weeks.

She has a depth to her music that seems so rare today – of connecting with her audience in such a genuine way. The softness of her vocals paired with laser sharp production, give her a sound all her own. It’s a whimsical sonic status that few artists know how to execute in a way that comforts yet makes people sit up and listen carefully.

Everything from the soundscape to her vocal sound and effects to her lyrics take shape to the song’s concept, as well as reinforcing that unique sense of character that runs throughout her music. With that being said, Camila Paiva may just be the new artist you’ve been searching for this year! Listen to her single No Comparison below and let us know your thoughts in the comments section.