From my past reviews, one might think I don’t like Lil Yachty. That is simply not the case, though. He is a unique talent who has unfortunately let me down on his albums. When Lil Boat is on the track, you know exactly who it is. Despite some people’s claims, he is not a mumble rapper. Casual listeners throw that term around for any rapper they don’t like. That’s silly, if you ask me. One thing I love about Yachty is his versatility. Although his lyrics reside mostly on the surface, his flows rarely repeat themselves. This gives his tracks individual personality. He switches between raw raps and Auto-crooning rather seamlessly. Yet I felt like he was neglecting what made him stand out in the first place. Lil Boat’s balancing act of trap bangers and light-hearted melodies makes a return here, however. And I couldn’t be happier.

Finally, Lil Yachty has put forth an artistic statement worth bragging about. The production and instrumental palettes here are insane. A special kudos goes out to producers Earl the Pearll and MitchGoneMad. The five tracks they contribute to this project bring life and cohesion to Nuthin’ 2 Prove. Subtle submarine synths on “Get Dripped,” “Yacht Club” and “Next Up” are a nice touch. Yachty’s ear for genre-pushing beats inches closer to elite status with this release. Teaming up with the likes of 30 Roc, OZ, the German duo Cubeatz, Tay Keith and others shows to me he wanted more for this album. The opening track “Gimmie My Respect” busts through speakers with a vengeance. Yachty’s low-key flow serves as an ample contrast and sets the tone for this album as a force to be reckoned with. As a trap offering, Nuthin’ 2 Prove delivers infectious energy and lush soundscapes.

While not all the songs here stand as memorable, they do at least add something to the overall aesthetic. Personally, I would have trimmed this down to ten or twelve songs. Though none of these tracks are cringeworthy, some fail to make much of an impression. A handful of sequencing issues present themselves. Two bubblegum songs like “Worth It” and “Everything Good, Everything Right” sound gimmicky next to each other, in my opinion. Especially when the first one you hear is so much better than the next. Speaking of “Worth It,” I really appreciate Lil Yachty for making it. Sure, it’s a little cheesy. But he conveys an excellent message without sounding like a sell-out. This is the style of song that separates him from his contemporaries. Nothing Yachty raps about gets very deep. However, a simple approach is often a better one. His pro self-worth lyrics come off genuine.

Furthermore, “Worth It” is a signature Lil Boat track. There are a few on here, actually. The aforementioned “Get Dripped” with Playboi Carti breaks the mold. Carti mumbles with pride and continues his huge year. Also, this beat is electric. Earl the Pearll drops listeners into an underwater Crash Bandicoot level. Additionally, Juice WRLD and Lil Baby are utterly fantastic on this thing. The latter gives the stand-out feature of his young career while the former extends his recent run of high-quality performances. Conversely, a couple guests fell short of greatness to me. Young Nudy on “We Outta Here!” needed some extra zest to stick out in a famous crowd. And Gunna’s voice blended too well into the tone of “Fallin’ in Luv,” which is otherwise an entertaining record. All in all, Nuthin’ 2 Prove is the kind of artistic statement I had faith Lil Yachty could one day make.


Lil Yachty - Nuthin' 2 Prove Album Review
Eclectic DeliveryMostly Excellent GuestsCohesive, High-Quality Production
Sequence Cohesion HiccupsRudimentary SongwritingSome Stylistic Overlap