SOL MOTORS Unveils Their Innovative Pocket Rocket Bike

SOL MOTORS Pocket Rocket Might Be The Perfect Commuter Bike.

SOL MOTORS based out of Stuttgart Germany wants to change the way we commute. They unveiled the bike at the INTERMOT International Motorcycle Fair. Lets get down to the basics, the SOL MOTORS Pocket Rocket features a lightweight aluminium tube frame. All the parts that connect to this frame making for a truly minimal design. The bike stands at 2.5ft in height, and features a center tube that fits all of its major components. This includes the bike’s computer, headlamp, rear brake light and turn signals.

The Pocket Rocket can travel an impressive 50 miles on a single charge and reach speeds up to 50 mph with hits robust 8.5hp electric motor. In addition, it connects with Android and iOS and weighs approximately 120 pounds. Like most electric vehicles, it also features regenerative breaking. It’ll take a few years until we see the Pocket Rocket adopted in urban areas, it is still interesting to witness electric vehicle technology progress. Check the images of the SOL MOTORS Pocket Rocket below. Lastly, for more automotive news, Mercedes-Benz Reveal Their 2020 GLE.