Atlanta Westside Representer, Nique, Continues to Deliver Quality Cuts While Gearing Up For the Next Project

This morning the internet was blessed with Pride Rock. I can only describe the Dr. Dre inspired single as feel-good-hustler-music. This release features an addictively jazzy bounce, courtesy of Negus Without Fear producer, Tha Daredevyl. Which brings me to one of my favorite things about Pride Rock, a soulful production assist from the saxophone of Atlanta musician and composer Antonie Gibson. For a young n***a on some hood s#!+, Nique is definitely moving more like a young king.

Money Makin Nique (Center)

The Money Makin Brothers Company

Nique is a hustler that makes music. So it shouldn’t surprise you that longevity is the forefront of his focus. He went the way of the greats and signed himself. Only then inking a deal for distribution through Atlantic.

The Money Makin’ Bro has a very simple business model, create a good product by curating influence from every corner of the city, resulting in a vibe we can all identify with. Yeah, it sounds simple, but thats the thing, it leaves room for the art. I’m sure Nique and his team have plenty tricks up their sleeves, but its the heart and the hustle that provide foundation for their musical endeavors. Go do your homework and stay on the look out for his next single, HARDHEADED. 

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