J. Anthony Cruz Shines Bright With ‘Fourth Collection’

Producer J. Anthony Cruz Returns To Music With ‘Fourth Collection’.

When J. Anthony Cruz debuted Sounds Of The House Radio back in April we received something we weren’t expecting. One of the best things about Cruz is his willingness to shift perspectives and recreate his sound. He’s moved based on feeling but the execution, done with a level of precision unrivaled by his peers. In all honestly, Cruz is seemingly in a lane of his own and Fourth Collection spotlights his growth and how he inspires through sound. Cruz stated when we asked him what was the inspiration behind ‘Fourth Collection’:

The importance to me — four is the number of focus. And this is where I feel a true focus on my craft like never before. I found my sound in this album.

The project features a crisp electronic sound with hints of R&B and Hip Hop influences subtly infused throughout. Stand out records such as The Assistance and Future Memoirs give you a solid taste of what J. Anthony Cruz strives for. You can listen to the full project on Apple Music and Spotify. Don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comments section below.