Detroit Rapper Big Sean Says He Wants To Sing More.

We haven’t much from Big Sean this year. He’s been keeping a low profile, hopefully working on new music. One things for sure, Big Sean is here to stay. Eminem even called him one of the modern-era greats.  But it seems Sean is experimenting with singing a bit more. He recently sat down with Vibe, and stated that he’s been working on his vocals in hopes to strengthen his singing voice.

“I feel like I have a good natural tone and my vocal teacher told me I have a really good voice so I’ve been working on it, doing my vocal warm-ups, just taking my craft a little more seriously,” says Sean. “All I ever wanted to be was a rapper but lately, I’ve been writing songs.” Not only has Sean Don been practicing his melodies, but he’s been steadily learning the piano.

He then shouts out his longtime girlfriend Jhene Aiko, whom he said was all for him developing his singing skillset. “I wrote a song on her last album too called “Moments.” She wrote some stuff too but I wrote most of it,” he explains. “She was the first person to ever let me do something like that. I’m just trying to get more into that. It feels natural, it feels right.” Who know’s we might get a duet from the two somewhere down the line.