AshleySmashlaay Brings Soul To Her New EP ‘Love Is’.

There are records you remember the moment you hear them. AshleySmashlaay’s latest offering “Love Is” is one of those. It’s an open letter about love, heartbreak and what it represents to those who may be dealing with it. The production, is deep and soulful while her voice floats effortlessly over each record. Sharing her joys, pains and most intimate desires of the heart. You’ll also notice the attention to the composition of the EP as each song flows seamlessly into the next. Overall the project as a whole represents love and what it means to those who’ve experienced it.

You can listen to AshleySmashlaay’s latest EP “Love Is” below and be sure to check it out on Apple Music and Spotify. Let us know your thoughts in the comments. Lastly, for more spotlights, Griz Gusto & MassmoneyFaith Release Their Black Roses EP.