Insomniac Games Drops The Official Gameplay Trailer For Marvel’s Spider-Man.

If you own a PlayStation then this will make you happy. PS4 owners get the opportunity to play (based on the trailer) one of the best Marvel video game to date. That means Xbox and Nintendo owners are outta luck. The new Spider-Man game looks just as good if not better than some of Marvel’s the best titles such as X-Men: Legends and Marvel: Ultimate Alliance. The official release date for Marvel’s Spider-Man is only a few more weeks away and the new trailer shows off the gameplay and detailed environments.

The official gameplay trailer released by Insomniac Games highlights the open world  in Marvel’s Spider-Man. Both the Avengers Tower and Dr. Strange’s Sanctum Sanctorum make quick appearances. Hinting that the Avengers are not far away. The freedom Spider-Man has to swing works in the same way the Batman Arkham series’ did, and if all goes well, Marvel’s new Spiderman game just might be the new king of the hill.

In the latest trailer, J. Jonah Jameson narrates the trailer as a radio host. He expresses his dislike for the web-slinger that makes for an experience. The narration and trailer are almost exactly in sync. Furthermore, when he speaks on Spidey doing backflips and swinging around the city, the trailer cuts to scenes of Spider-Man doing exactly that. Lastly, for more entertainment news, Marvel Movies are Leaving Netflix For Disney’s New Streaming Service.