Bentley Unveils a New Limited Mulsanne W.O. Edition

In Tribute To It’s Founder, Bentley Unveils a New Limited Mulsanne W.O. Edition.

Once again, British automaker Bentley unveiled a new limited-edition car in tribute to the company’s founder. The Mulsanne W.O. Edition by Mulliner, inspired by Walter Owen Bentley’s 1930 8-Liter car. The last car he designed for the company that holds his name.

The luxurious car’s body is produced by the same company who made the original. The car features an “Onyx” paint job with “Beluga Black” wheels. A Bentley as expected comes with a nice array of custom features. The most notable addition is the cabinet towards the rear of the car. It features pieces of the crankshaft from the original car. So when Bentley re-acquired the 8-Liter in 2006, they removed crankshaft and divided it into 100 pieces. Lastly, they then added one in each of the 100 editions of the Mulsanne W.O. Edition. For more automotive news, BMW Unveils the Super Sleek 7 Series Black Ice Edition.