Tesla Refunded a Quarter of U.S. Model 3 Preorders

Tesla Refunded a Large Amount of U.S. Model 3 Preorders Due To Production Flaws.

Two years ago, hundreds of thousands on customers placed pre-orders for Tesla Model 3’s. We’re now getting reports that customers are getting their $1,000 deposit for their Model 3’s refunded. Analytics firm Second Measure stated that 23 percent of pre-orders were refunded, even though Tesla has since denied those numbers, they’ve decided not to say by how much the firm miscalculated.

With critical delays in production due to flawed parts in addition to consumer reports not recommending the vehicle as a result, it appears Elon Musk will oversee the development moving forward. He stated, he plans to manufacture 6,000 a week by the end of next month. Lastly, the refunds could be from customers who bought into the original hype. Who now may no longer want to own a Model 3. For more automotive news, he Mercedes-AMG C63 Gets Stacked Up for 2019.