BMW Unveils Their All New Wireless Electric Car Charging Station.

As BMW continues to shift its focus to electric cars. Such as their i4 and 24 other models by 2025. The German automaker revealed a wireless charging station for their cars. The wireless charging system consists of two large pads, one being a “GroundPad” that the car sits on top of and the second is a  “CarPad” that attaches to the bottom of the vehicle.

The wireless charging station has a charging power of 3.2 kW, which means it will take the car about 3 and a half hours to reach a full charge from zero percent. In addition, it’ll feature special software allowing the display to show you how to line up the charging pads correctly. The BMW Wireless Charging Station is set to release in the near future. For more automotive news, BMW Unveils the 2019 M2 Competition.