J.Cole Interviews Lil Pump, Squashing Prior Beef

Surprisingly, J. Cole and Lil Pump recently sat down with each other for a conversation, meaning the beef between the two is finally over. The piece was recorded at The Sheltuh (J. Cole’s studio) in North Carolina, You can watch the hour-long video below.

The alleged feud begun when Cole seemed to diss Pump and other young rappers on his new album KOD. Cole begins the interview by telling Pump, “You’re smarter than what people know, what people might give you credit for.” Around the 33-minute mark, Cole asks Pump about his “Fuck J. Cole” comments in his music and social media. J. Cole then discusses his relationship with the younger generation of rappers. “It was like two years ago, I seen one of the ‘Freshman Freestyles.’ And I was like sad. Like, I was like ‘Damn, this shit really over.’ I know now that I was wrong. All I was doing was being afraid that the thing that I fell in love with was no longer relevant or respected. In that moment, it brought fear.” He goes on, “It ain’t nothing like what I grew up on, and even what I make, what I prefer. But it’s like… What I’ma do, be scared of this? Deny this? Deny you expressing yourself however the fuck you want to do that? …I’m resisting this shit when it’s really like, I should be accepting this shit. And appreciating that it’s different and that something new is happening.”