Russ Responds To Metro Boomin With New Track “Sore Losers”.

So shortly after Metro Boomin’s tweets hit the internet. Russ tweeted out a new video-single called “Sore Losers.” Which could be a response track to Metro.

“A lot of kids are poppin’ xans and sippin’ lean now/A lot of rappers using Instagram to teach how,” he spits. “A lot of kids OD’ed that you don’t read ’bout/’Cause they don’t follow rappers, they just follow fiends now/But I’m the bad guy for callin’ it out/I come in clutch with the truth, y’all are stallin’ it out/I only get in trouble when I say the truth/Which means you gettin’ fed lies everyday, you fools.”

You can listen to the full song below and let us know what you think of Russ’ response. Lastly for more music news, if you wanna find out where this all came from read Metro Boomin Thinks Russ is “Whack”.