Audi Plans To Release Their Rear Wheel Drive R8 Later This Year

Audi Plans To Release Rear Wheel Drive R8 Later This Year, Their First Since 1938.

Audi has plans to drop a new R8 RWS model later this year, and I must say. I’m pretty excited about it. As you could imagine, this release will be a limited one. Audi plans to only make 999 of these beasts. The price floating around is in the ballpark of $139,950 USD.

In addition we receive welcomed updates such as ten-percent stiff dampers and front roll bar, a recalibrated power steering system for better handling and the car weighs 110 pounds less than the standard R8. Lastly the R8 RWS will be either a convertible or coupe. Coupes feature a gloss black upper side blade and body-colored lower side blade with matte black grilles. Gloss black wheels and an optional red vinyl stripe.