According to HOT97’s Ebro Darden, Kanye West Said He Loves Donald Trump.

Since Kanye West returned to Twitter, he’s been making a ton of headlines. Outside of announcing the many projects he’s working on, he recently tweeted his support of controversial conservative figure, Candace Owens: “I love the way Candace Owens thinks.” Following Kanye’s Owens statement, Hot 97’s Ebro Darden says he spoke to ‘Ye on the phone to discuss his reasoning behind the Owens endorsement.

In a 30-minute conversation, Ebro says Kanye expressed his respect for President Donald Trump. “He said ‘I do love Donald Trump,’” Ebro states. “Kanye West, quote, ‘I love Donald Trump.” Darden continues to recount his conversation with West:


“We went back and forth about a number of things. I told him I thought he was corny for cash. Being in the lobby of Trump Tower, I thought that was a coon move, cooning for cash. And he was like, ‘Why, you think I’m gonna make more money because I’m saying the things I’m saying?’ I said, Yes, because the bankers and the executives and the right-wing folks and the audience that wants to hear a black man say these things, to separate himself from other black people will celebrate that…”

Ebro says that Kanye likes Trump and Owens because of their willingness to challenge established systems, “The only reason he likes this Candace lady is because she’s challenging conventional black thought.” He also stated that Kanye feels “demonized,” and unsupported, especially when he was hospitalized in November 2016: “Nobody really showed love for me when I was addicted to opioids and in the hospital,” Kanye reportedly said.Since Ebro shared his conversation, Kanye has shared excerpts of Scott Adams’s — Dilbert creator and Trump supporter — 20-minute video titled “Kanye West Showed the Way to the Golden Age.”Kanye’s recent political views have been rubbing his fans the wrong way since the 2016 election. Soon after Trump’s victory, Kanye shared that he did not vote in the election, but if he did, he would have cast a ballot for the Republican candidate had he actually voted. In December 2016, he visited the President-elect at Trump Tower in New York City to discuss a number of issues.