Brand ambassador, promoter, host, model and entrepreneur, Prince Michael or Prince for short is quickly becoming a force in the entertainment industry. Dubbed the “Fresh Prince of South Beach“, Prince Michael is currently making noise on the small screen as a main cast member of VH1’s Love & Hip Hop: Miami after making a name for himself as the top event host and promoter for the top venues in Miami where he offers VIP services to his network of celebrities, socialites, and athletes. I recently caught up with the Fresh Prince of South Beach to get his entertainment background, thoughts on fashion and his tips and advice for aspiring promoters and entrepreneurs.


Begin Interview

KTIII: How did you originally get your start in the entertainment industry?

Prince: I fell into the entertainment industry by accident. I was going to college and all the girls at my campus used to go this club at Dream on Wednesdays and I was like damn all the baddies are going there, I want to go there. So I tried to go one day and I literally stood outside for two hours in front of the rope and the bouncer didn’t let me in so I was like eff this I’m gunna become a promoter so they let me in for free. So I tried to become a promoter and the man never hit me back so I was like man ef this again. So one day I went to the club with a bunch of my girls, some IG models and the bouncer asked if I wanted to be a promoter. I was like no no no I tried that then I found out how much you guys get paid. He told me he would make me a host and what it entailed and how I would could prove myself so I did that and what separated myself from others was the way I carried myself and was able to assimilate myself through different demographics and socially engineer my way to the top while still being me while still being genuine and this with my charisma and personality is was alluded to Love and Hip Hop being interested in me and me getting onto the show.


KTIII: Tell me more about Roielte and your other endeavors in fashion including the Denim collaboration.

Prince: The goal of my brand, Roielte, is to be on the level of Fear of God. It doesn’t have to be Chanel or Gucci to be high end urban coupled with timeless novelty pieces accentuated by my style. My denim line is going through some issues with manufacturing and price point but we all have our struggles and vices and everything isn’t always pretty, you’ve gotta go through the struggles.


KTIII: How is your modeling career going? Is there anything new with you on that front?

Prince:  I’m doing shoots and getting my portfolio together. I’m reaching out to some agencies to work on getting signed because I’ve actually been turned down a few times you just have to keep going at it, you can’t give up.


KTIII: Would you say that rejection and failure have motivated you and helped you get to where you are today?

Prince: I would say that it plays a part because sometimes it drives me but sometimes it dampens my spirit as well. I have those days where I’m just like “what am I doing, where’s my life going, you know nothings going right, what can i do better, how can I work harder” and then I’ll call my best friend Caesar or Bobby and they’ll talk me out of it.


KTIII: This is a little surprising because as I prepped to interview you I asked fans if there was anything they wanted to know about you and what they felt and they all had an image of you being an eternal optimist. Would you say this is a fair opinion?

Prince: I wouldn’t say I’m a pessimist at all, I’m definitely an optimist but I do have those days where I just want to lock myself in a room and shut myself off from the world. Sometimes it is overwhelming especially being in the public eye so I always have to keep moving forward and showing linear growth, that’s the goal. My biggest fear is failure, I never want to go back to the things I was doing before Varsity found me and changed my life. I never want to be arrested again in my life, homeless again in my life or broke again in my life and those are the things that drive me.


KTIII: Explain the company Varsity and how you work with them.

Prince: I work with a company called Varsity, I’m the face and the personality and obviously bring value to the team. I’m also collaborating with a company called Made Night Life and we’re throwing parties with them together.


KTIII: Do you have any advice for anyone at home who watches Love and Hip Hop Miami and would like to follow in your footsteps and land a spot on TV or become a successful entrepreneur?

Prince: If you want to be where I’m at and you want to be on tv make sure you have thick skin and make sure you’re ready to have the world not necessarily attack you but say mean and harsh things about you, you have to be able to take that. As far as being a successful entrepreneur remember to work hard and realize that you are going to fail, you are going to fall on your face a few times, it’s all about how you pick yourself back up.


KTIII: What about networking? You’re obviously a master networker, what tips do you have on networking and connecting with people?

Prince: Always bring something to the table. Let’s say I bump into Russell Simmons and I introduce myself to him and try to work with him, I have to have a reason that he would even want to work with me. I have to have a resume or accolades.. It’s not only about getting out there and knowing people, you have to bring something to the table. A lot of my connections came from me knowing a lot of women. What do men want to be around? To be around beautiful women and I knew a lot of beautiful women so that was my way in. That was just my way in, so have something you bring to the table.


KTIII: What are your plans for the future, where do you see yourself?

Prince: I will become the next Terrence J and Will Smith. Those are my plans, period.