Today, Casio G-SHOCK announces the Training Timer series, six new men’s watches featuring Bluetooth connectivity for tracking fitness activity. Developed with a timeless style to match all casual and athletic wear, the new GBA800 timepieces come in a mid-size case, equipped with a 3-axis acceleration sensor that keeps track of your step count, a countdown timer that allows up to 20 timer combinations with up to 5 timers each, and 200 lap memory.  With the download of the dedicated G-SHOCK Connected app to a smart phone, the watch can further support daily fitness and track movement.

Employing a new algorithm developed by Casio, the G-SHOCK Connected app also displays a graph which breaks down daily steps taken in each of five metabolic equivalent (MET) levels, from data based on the step count and walking pace. The app also displays exact location and time of day the wearer’s calories were burned, while measuring MET levels, making it useful for interval training.

The GBA800 Training Timer will debut in six different monotone colorways, including black (GBA800-1A), white (GBA800-7A), lime green (GBA800-9A), navy blue (GBA800-2A), teal (GBA800-3A) and grey (GBA800-8A). The watch also includes a fine fit band with additional loopholes, as well as a new functional loop and buckle for a more secure fit.

Each new model comes equipped with G-SHOCK’s legendary structure of 200M water resistance and shock resistance, in addition to target alarms (up to 10 times), multiple daily alarms, 1/100th second stopwatch, 1/10th countdown timer and 12/24 hour formats – all in at 48.6 mm case.  A unique hand retract function moves the analog hands out of the way of the digital display for unobstructed viewing and double Auto LED lights for easy viewing in low light workout conditions.

The GBA800-1A, GBA800-7A and GBA800-9A will retail for $120, and will be available for purchase beginning in February 2018, with the GBA800-2A, GBA800-3A, and GBA800-8A to follow in March 2018 for $120, at G-SHOCK retailers, including select Macy’s,, and the G-SHOCK Soho Store.