Hot Dizzy has made some wonderful contributions in hip hop and rap genre. He mainly focuses on creating a buzz by releasing new and fresh lyrical prowess. This young and passionate singer wants to see Indianapolis get a renowned position on the map. He wants to inspire other rising stars for releasing some innovative and exclusive hit tracks. Music has always been a way to overcome every hurdle that has appeared in front of his journey towards the music industry. His new released track ‘Stand Still’ has evolved with exclusive rapping style. Party animals will love tuning into his track for a number of times.

The vibes included in this song has caught the attention of the listeners who love listening to hip hop musical blends. There is a on-going feeling of possibility has made it a powerful one. The way Hot Dizzy has arranged the entire musicality is really praise worthy. Stand Still is arranged and recorded beautifully. This passionate singer owns a recognizable voice that has created buzz. If experiencing edgy musical style is what all you are seeking for, then Hot Dizzy is your right go to. His song represents some subtle yet groovy notes. Minimalist, simple yet thoughtful soundscape are just the three key features of his music that will surely engage your mind.

This mind-captivating experience will allow you to add this signer in your online playlist. However, instrumentation has played major role in alleviating the mood of the music enthusiasts. Hot Dizzy has therefore become a renowned name in the music industry with loads of fans count in his soundcloud profile. If you realize to get in touch with this aspiring songwriter, then you can follow him in social media sites like facebook, twitter and instagram. Also, his exclusive music videos are available on youtube.