Album Review: Farrah Mechael – Farrah Please

Farrah Mechael has been busy as of lately after landing a spot on the Digi Tour. The project that landing Farrah a spot on the tour, “Farrah Please”, was released to the world on December 21st, 2017 and showcases Farrah’s strong abilities as a vocalist. After listening to the project, I was left extremely impressed by Farrah’s versatility and vocal delivery.

Kicking off with the record “Hard to Breath”, Farrah quickly shows her vocal mastery and silky smooth vocals. While the title of the song is “Hard to Breath”, Farrah shows that she has no difficulty with breath control as she delivers an ethereal, dreamy sound. “Desert Sand”, is one of my favorite records on the project as Farrah perfectly captures the essence of the hot desert and presents it in audible form. The uptempo record allows Farrah to show off her versatility as she rides the quick instrumental perfectly. On the record “La La Land”, Farrah expresses her thoughts over the way that she deals with experiences in life and shows some regret for past actions. The pre-chorus and chorus on “La La Land” are well delivered with Farrah creating a dreamscape with her vocals throughout the chorus. The emotional single “I’m Hurt”,  is a deep record that allows Farrah to express her emotions towards a past relationship that didn’t last. One of the final tracks on the album, “Scream” is a powerful track about freedom. The transitions on “Scream” fit together seamlessly and this is one of the stand out records on the project. On the closing single, “Farrah Please”, Farrah let’s it be known that her love is addictive and something that can change your life. After hearing “Farrah Please” in it’s entirety, it’s very clear that Farrah has all the makings of a pop star. Her music has a strong mainstream appeal and her vocals are masterful and well crafted. Check out Farrah’s EP “Farrah Please”, below:

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