After releasing his confrontational single “Bitch Go”, acclaimed Toronto-based rapper/songwriter Shan Vincent de Paul offers a much more mellow r&b driven anthem with “Fever”. The Sri Lankan born artist flexes his vocal versatility with the new single and brings along Toronto crooner Desiire for the ride.

Shan’s 2016 solo debut album Saviors was met with critical acclaim by Complex, DJBOOTH, Okayplayer, Afro Punk, Clash Magazine and many others. Born in Sri Lanka – Shan and his family fled the country due to civil war and arrived in Canada as refugees – his music forces listeners to ask themselves tough questions tied to fame, popular culture, identity, and humanity itself. “Fever” is the third single from Shan’s upcoming sophomore album “Trigger Happy Heartbreak”:

Produced by fellow sideways member and multi-platinum producer La+ch “Fever” is a tasteful fusion of rap, electronic and r&b. Shan puts his songwriting on full display while effortlessly moving from a bouncy chorus to an Andre 3000 inspired verse towards the end. Vocal guest Desiire lends his distinct tonality to the mix to make for an infectious listening experience.