Thera Cane is The Best Solution to Back Pain!

A little over a year ago I was in a terrible car accident. As a result of the accident, I suffered serious back pain due to the other car hitting my side of the car. Fortunately, I hadn’t received any serious injuries, however, per my lawyer I had to seek treatment at a local chiropractor. Initially, I was reluctant on seeing them due to a previous experience at a chiropractor but eventually gave in. At the start of my treatment, I was given a few gifts from the doctor. I received a heating pad, a cooling pad, an aqua pillow, and a Thera Cane.

Upon receiving the Thera Cane, I was puzzled as to what it does. At a glance, the Thera Cane resembles a basic back massager however its use is magical! While it did not cure me of any back pain, it did the job when it came to alleviating the pain I would get.

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So What is A Thera Cane?

The Thera Cane is a massager used on different parts of your body to help relieve joint pain. It consists of six points used to help loosen up muscles in your trigger points. Trigger points are tension clusters in the body that help the body operate correctly. With only a few minutes a day, you can alleviate the pain instantly.

It also comes equipped with a helpful instruction manual filled with easy to follow exercises. Depending on where you’re feeling the tension in your body, the Thera Cane can be used on various body parts. Many of these exercises can be done sitting in a chair and generally take less than five minutes to complete.

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However, the manual fails to provide instructions for every part of the body. Most notably the hips and feet, despite the fact you can use it on said parts. This required me to go search for ways to use the Thera Cane and I found several helpful videos.

Overall my experience with the Thera Cane has been positive. Since I started using it I saw a significant reduction in my joint pain which led to me using the product a lot less.