Geoffro is an American songwriter/producer who’s worked with names such as Kehlani, Beyonce, Lupe Fiasco, Flume, Aluna George, and Cee Lo to name a strong few. As a multi-instrumentalist, he’s known for being versatile and able to contribute to many genres.

As an upcoming artist, he mixes elements of Soul, Hip-hop, and Electronic music, and his writing style tends to cover introspective narratives, xennial perspectives of past and present, and unique ways of reflecting world conflicts….

“Quicksand” was written about relationship troubles where the significant other is still very important to the singer, but she’s dragging him down where he’s feeling suffocated and he needs to find his freedom or they will both get lost in their own misery.

It also has parallels to the current crazy times and confusion with world leadership gone wild and the consistent mass murders that happen in the western world where people used to feel isolated from that type of violence.