KTIII: Hailing from Jersey, how would you say that this impacts your sound?

Spase: New Jersey is an interesting place full of culture and differnet ethnicities. I am truly grateful to be born and raised here for that reason. This is why i have an appreciation for all sounds and tones people put off into the world, music is a beautiful thing.

KTIII: Who would you describe as your musical influences?

Spase: Shit…that’s a hard question I love it all lol. I would have to say Lil wayne, Drake, Tom Petty, Van Halen, Green Day, and my homie Lee who features on my new track No Laws. Lee is the main reason I got back into music a year ago.

KTIII: What hip hop albums did you grow up listening to?

Spase: You and asking hard ass questions to answer lol… Definitely all of weezys mixtapes. He was the shit when I was in high school. I had over like 5,000 fucking Lil Wayne songs on my iPod. Can’t forget Drake So Far Gone mixtape. That shit is what inspired me to even want to sing. The whole Tom Petty Full Moon Fever. All of Van Halens albums. Huge Halen fan.

KTIII: Who would be your dream collaboration?

Spase: Eddie Van Halen hit me the fuck up. We will kill it. Post Malone too cause he knows what good music is…oh yeah can’t forget the Dj group Take A Daytrip…even though thats already in the process of happening lol.

KTIII: I would best describe your sound as a spaced out trap sound, is this what you’re going for?

Spase: Yeah, that’s definitely what I’m going for right now, at the same time slowly creeping into a sonic, space, alternitive rock sound. I have some special plans for that :).

KTIII: Explain Planet 43 and what it’s like.

Spase: 43 is a number I see everywhere I go and has a huge meaning in my life. Whenever I see it I know im in the right place, and that place is Planet 43. The Planet part of the name is because I have synesthesia ( I see colors and engergy visually when i hear sound). Even when people would just talk to me I see colors. I found myself feeling very differnt in school…I would day dream a lot and be in my own spase :).

KTIII: Do you have any projects you’re currently working on?

Spase: Yes, many dope songs im going to be dropping over the next few months. My Album I want to take my time with cause thats a story. All the songs I’ve dropped were just freestyles and some noise in my opinion.

KTIII: How do you feel that the internet changes the way artists approach putting out music?

Spase: It changes it in a good way because you can get your music out asap to your fan base, or a fan base you are building up. What I Don’t like about it is how it kills songs so fast man. Trends come and go these days because of how easily accessible they are. I think over time people will find a balance though…
hopefully haha

KTIII: What can we expect from you in the future?

Spase: I guess you’lll just have to find out 🙂