Pop artist and songwriter Flaviyake has published her first art book with a provocative title “From the G-spot to Enlightenment”. This book is a compilation of almost a hundred original quotes by Flaviyake about love, life and music she came up with as a result of her music activates. The quotes go together with the same amount of her photos taken by 21 photographers.


When performing in London, Flaviyake was introducing her songs on stage with her quotes. At some point, she got over a hundred of them and decided to put them together as an art book. The readers can see how her artist style has changed during the years and the wisdom she learnt from interacting with the world. The book starts with a quote saying “Performance is not about being different. It is about enjoying being different.” Flaviyake’s goal is to show people how the same person can be different and you can’t judge someone by their cover. If a woman uploads a nude photo of her on the internet, she receives lots of negative comments, but if the next day she uploads a photo of her wearing an elegant dress and looking classy, people say how gorgeous she is – so who is she really?


Readers will see some brave photos in the LOVE chapter that starts with a quote “Sex is like a song. Every night must be a hit!”. Flaviyake comments: “I believe every woman in the world should have this kind of photos because it helps to cultivate your confidence and helps you love and accept your body.”


The book is available on Amazon. Get it with a pre-sale price before January 14th.



Flaviyake stepped into 2018 with a new music video “From Nowhere” filmed in Death Valley, California, by a multi-talented director Shahed Mohseni Zomoozi.




In 2017, Flaviyake released her debut album “Bad in Bed” that hit #1 on Indie Chart, NewshineFM radio, with the album opening song “So Hard to Say”. The album was covered on HaffingtonPost, HypeMachine and 50 cent’s blog.