This Vintage Porsche 911 Gets A Serious 500-Horsepower Boost

A Classic Porsche 911 Gets Revamped With New Features and 500-Horsepower!

Automotive restorers Singer Vehicle Design and Williams Advanced Engineering get together to breath new life into a vintage Porsche 911 964 from 1990. This change is first of its kind to feature a 500-horsepower engine and modified body that pulls its inspiration from Formula 1 cars.

The modified whip was got its weight reduced to just 2,180 pounds. A beefed up with a 500-horsepower 4.0-liter engine that’s capable of over 9,000 rpm. The body features improved aerodynamics, adaptability and lightened suspension. In addition, an intense lime green paint job and retro body details. The interior also includes “Blood Orange” leather seats and retro dashboard accents.

So take a look at the pictures of the custom Porsche 911 964 below. Also, share your thoughts in the comments. Lastly check out  Singer Vehicle Design’s website to learn more about their car modifications. For more automotive news Porsche Will Bring Back the Iconic 911 Carrera T in 2018.