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The artist formerly known as Burberry Perry may sound familiar if you rock with Lil Yachty. Yachty’s breakthrough Lil Boat tape turned heads last year. A big part of that project’s tight chemistry was TheGoodPerry. British clothing line Burberry forced Perry to change his name. That was unfortunate. Burberry is my favorite designer brand. That’s something we may have in common. I loved his name when I first heard it. Nevertheless, it’s a new day. TheGoodPerry prefaced the release of his new extended play with this message: “left my girl at home to make this for you guys I hope you’re happy”. I must admit, I wasn’t expecting to be but I am happy with how Bedtime Stories turned out. Perry is not a sharp lyricist. However, he brings satisfying energy to this concise project. Clocking in at under 11 minutes, Bedtime Stories is a pleasant surprise.

His brand of trap music fits somewhere in between Travis Scott and Lil Pump. Perry’s vocals don’t jump out of the speakers like those two yet his ear for edgy production is similar. The EP’s closer “Tila Tequila” is a woozy trap banger with a memorable instrumental. He mixes flex bars with a dash of introspection throughout this project. Thus resulting in a decently enlightening listening experience. None of these five tracks overstay their welcome. Only one exceeds the two-and-a-half-minute mark. “Check” is by far my favorite. Perry reflects on various tasks he had to complete to reach his goals. It’s a rather simple concept, but here it works. Although these tracks are short, they make a splash with the time they have. In today’s chew-and-spit rap audience, this efficient strategy seems to be a new trend. Personally, I’m a fan. Stretching these songs out will likely ruin them.

There is nothing profound on Bedtime Stories. However, there is potential in Perry’s music-making approach. Despite unfavorable lines like “you niggas poo” and “my dick racist,” he knows how to write a catchy trap song. The “my dick racist” line was hilarious, in my opinion. This style of music needs brow-furrowing bars like to ensure it sticks in your mind. Although many of the lyrical topics are typical, an EP like this prioritizes vibes over lyrics. That being said, if you a stickler for substantial lyrics this isn’t for you. Conversely, if you are searching for fun, energizing pre-game bangers, do not be afraid to explore this extended play. Listen below to see if TheGoodPerry fits your listening preference.


Concise Runtime
Cohesive Sonic Palette
Occasionally Aware Lyrics
Recycled Lyrical Themes
Some Unfavorable Bars