John Grind grew up around music, learning to play the drums as a kid, joining local bands, then eventually moving on to other instruments, specifically guitar and songwriting. Grind was heavily influenced by the 90’s grunge era bands like Alice In Chains, and amazing songwriters like Jeff Buckley. His musical tastes ran the gambit from jazz to metal, to rap, to everything in between. But it was rock and roll that he’d developed a real connection with. After years of struggling with drug addiction, Grind started channeling the downward spiraling into his music. His style started coming into his own, his voice taking on the grit and rasp worthy of the drug-fueled life he was living, his songs becoming melancholy tributes to long lost friends, and the life of an addict, and the music began to emerge. John’s been battling heroin addiction since his early teens, and over a decade later, still struggles to this day, but hopes that through his music, through writing what he knows, writing about the pain, the excess, the misery, that maybe others out there can relate to the words in his songs and feel what he feels. That way perhaps just one good thing from all the shit he’s lived may come of it.

The EP Beauty Of Decay is a gritty, raw, and real snippet into the life of an addict, full of the pain, the love, and the loss. It was written during a really difficult time in my life and I think thats what makes the songs sound so real and resonate with people. Check out the Beauty of Decay below and follow John Grind around the internet.